Why Good Social Media Marketing Prioritizes Relationships

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Do you leverage social media to market your eCommerce brand? Do you know how to create connections and build good relationships with your eCommerce customers?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Bryan Spunt, the CEO of Seek Discomfort, joins Dean Dutro to talk about social media marketing, building connections, and growing eCommerce brands. Bryan also explains how he got started in eCommerce and the role mentorship has played in his career.

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Brian SpuntBryan Spunt is the Chief Executive Officer of Seek Discomfort, a clothing brand launched in May 2018 by the founders of the Yes Theory YouTube channel. He is also the Co-founder and Chief Smile Officer of Big Smiles Program, a nonprofit art program that works with children's hospitals in Los Angeles. He is also an Advisory Board Member for PopSockets. 

Bryan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for living a balanced and full life. He finds the same level of commitment to his health, hobbies, and relationships as he does to his business endeavors. He believes this is the key to sustainable success and long-term happiness.

Effective Social Media Marketing Means Establishing Relationships

Social media marketing is one of the best marketing methods you can use to promote products for your eCommerce brand. When done right, it can help you effectively reach out to your target audience and grow sales, which is the ultimate goal of building a business.

To achieve this, you should focus on creating authentic connections with both your existing and potential customers. Engage with them through grassroots marketing on a regular basis and make them feel connected with the brand. You should find out where your customers spend the most time on social media and use that to market to them.

These are the strategies Bryan Spunt learned when he entered the eCommerce space — particularly the importance of connecting with customers on a grassroots level. So, he set out to connect with more people to share what he has learned with others.

The Benefits of Connecting With Your eCommerce Community

The most successful eCommerce brands have realized that nurturing great relationships with their customers is key to their growth. These are the people who help drive sales for the brand and, through positive feedback, help increase the brand's market share.

Bryan and Jonnie Rozin from Seek Discomfort know all about the benefits of connecting with their eCommerce community. Every week, they connect with at least three of their users through Zoom and their social media platforms, encouraging others to reach out to them as well. 

To get started, you may want to get a list of your customers and reach out to them as a way to thank and appreciate them for their business. You could also reach out to them to find out how they are doing and just chat with them. This helps show them that your brand cares for them and provides you with a good opportunity to learn more about the customers.

The Role Mentorship Plays in Growing an eCommerce Brand

Having a mentor can play a very big role in your business as you build your eCommerce brand. Mentorship is an invaluable resource every entrepreneur should consider utilizing because of its benefits.

According to Bryan, mentorship has played two key roles in his career. First, his mentors have been a great source of invaluable information that he has used to scale the eCommerce businesses he has worked for. Second, they have provided him the support system he needed to overcome the various challenges of building a successful business.

What else can mentorship do? It can help you better manage your cash flows, prepare financial statements, market your eCommerce products better, and become an overall better manager.

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