Why Customized e-Commerce Products Create Value for Your Customers

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Have you ever considered creating customized e-commerce products for your customers? Are you aware that doing so could grow your customer base and lead to more sales and returning customers?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Patrick Hayes, Founder of 1767 Designs, joins Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 Media to talk about the value of creating customized e-commerce products. Patrick explains how an encounter with his first customer inspired his wall art pieces, how he grew his business selling in flea markets and through e-commerce, and how he helps his woodworkers expand their creativity.

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Patrick HayesPatrick Hayes is the Founder of 1767 Designs, a woodworking company that creates one-of-a-kind statement pieces of furniture made from Nashville's torn-down homes. 1767 is dedicated to honoring Nashville's historic architecture by reimagining the wood reclaimed from these homes. 

Patrick built his first coffee table in 2014 using wood he found after a home was torn down near his Nashville apartment. Now, his 1767 team of woodworkers operates out of a 6,000 square foot studio in East Nashville, creating wall art, furniture, and other art pieces.

Why Should You Create Customized e-Commerce Products for Your Customers?

If your e-commerce business can create and sell customized e-commerce products for your customers: do it!  Everyone loves getting made-to-order products—and taking the time to create something unique for your customers is a very important step in developing quality relationships with them.

This is one of the strategies Patrick Hayes uses to grow the customer base for his e-commerce brand and keep his customers happy. He creates customized pieces where the customers choose the designs they want on their tailor-made art. They start creating the pieces from scratch and, in a few hours, a new unique product is produced.

Patrick also encourages his team at 1767 Designs to come up with unique designs made from other materials like copper, brass, or even shards of mirror. This encourages creativity in the studio—and also helps them provide better products to their customers. It also challenges the creators to think outside the box and hone their skills.

How Pivoting Your e-Commerce Product Could Create a New Niche Market for Your Business

When Patrick decided to start a business making coffee tables, his hope was to grow the business and sell to many people. His first three products were a success and he managed to sell all of his inventory, but it wasn’t until his first customer’s special request that everything changed: she wanted the coffee table without the legs to use as wall art.

This inspired Patrick to start using collected wood to make wall art and he has since grown his business to serve different types of customers. He was able to pivot from making coffee tables to making beautiful wall art and growing his e-commerce business in the process by simply listening to his customers and providing them with the product they wanted. 

The same principle applies to any type of business. If your e-commerce customers like your products but often ask you to make adjustments, then you should take their feedback into account and give them what they want. Because this is what it means to be an entrepreneur: meeting your customer's needs and making changes where necessary.

How Selling in a Flea Market Can Grow Your e-Commerce Business

To grow his market reach and get more potential customers, Patrick took advantage of every opportunity he had to place himself in front of his target audience. He presented and sold his products at flea markets, barn sales, and anywhere handmade items were sold. He shared his story with potential customers and through that, was able to grow his Instagram account for the first few years. 

If you are just starting your e-commerce brand, you are also in the process of understanding your business and getting to know more about your ideal customers. Marketing and selling your products through face-to-face interactions helps you achieve this and create quality connections with your audience.

In addition, selling at flea markets and other similar places can help you land lucrative deals with big buyers looking to find new suppliers. You could also connect with consultants and brokers who may help get your e-commerce product into big retail chains or wholesale buyers.

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