The Importance of Empathetic Marketing and Selling for Your e-Commerce Brand

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Have you ever thought of using empathetic marketing strategies for your e-commerce brand? Do you know how to create quality connections with your customers?

Olivia Alexander, the Founder and CEO of Kush Queen, is Dean Dutro's guest in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, where she explains how she maximizes empathetic marketing to create connections with her e-commerce customers and grow her brand. She also explains why you should provide personal experiences to customers and the importance of being authentic in your communication strategies.

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Olivia AlexanderOlivia Alexander is the Founder and CEO of Kush Queen. In less than 3 years, Olivia has grown Kush Queen into a multi-million dollar multi-faceted brand carrying only the finest CBD-only and THC-infused products. The Kush Queen product line includes award-winning bath bombs, pain relief lotions, edibles, wellness supplements, and skincare. 

Since working in her first dispensary in 2006, Olivia has worked on social media, creative direction, and digital strategy for countless cannabis companies. She has a knack for being able to develop, connect, and relate the right cannabis products to the right communities. She is one of the largest digital influencers in cannabis with over 2.5 million followers that average 100 million monthly impressions. Olivia is also the CEO and Founder of The Crystal Cult, an online community celebrating women who love cannabis and Kush Queen’s older sister.

Empathetic Marketing for Your e-Commerce Brand

For you to effectively market and sell your e-commerce products, you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. That’s right: imagine yourself being the customer.

Empathetic marketing and selling involve thinking about your customer and working to enrich their lives through your products. Sell with the aim of making them feel better. Create emotional connections with them, make it real, and make it personal. 

This approach will help build a great customer service experience—which is essential for e-commerce. When your customers feel important and valued, your brand will grow. 

Empathetic marketing has been a great way to build connections with customers for Olivia Alexander. The CEO and Founder of Kush Queen makes sure she’s thinking about what her customers want and provides them a personal experience by treating them like family.

Why Your e-Commerce Brand Should Have a Holistic Balanced Marketing Approach

When marketing your e-commerce brand, don't just focus on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These channels can make your strategy go haywire, especially if your e-commerce product is a censored product like cannabis. Instead, consider marketing your products through other channels like email. An advantage of using email marketing is that the email addresses you have act as your asset and you own them. 

In addition, you should develop great relationships with your customers, suppliers, the media, and influencers, if you know any. You should never focus solely on making profits; making your customer your friend will make the difference in your marketing efforts and your bottom line. 

These are the strategies Olivia Alexander has been using to grow her e-commerce brand. She has developed good relationships with her customers and the media and uses a string of different approaches, including social media marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, public relations (PR), and influencer marketing.

How to Effectively Grow Your e-Commerce Brand's Team

To grow your e-commerce brand and provide a valuable customer service experience, you need to hire the right team. Not only do they need to possess the right qualifications for the job, but they should also have a passion and drive for providing excellent services to your customers.

Ideally, your team should be a reflection of you, your brand, and what you want to put out into the world for people to see. They should be able to incorporate your brand’s voice flawlessly, take care of your business, and value your products in the same way you do as the business owner.

As Olivia's e-commerce business continues to grow and evolve, she ensures that she hires the right people, but more importantly, but that her company's culture and values are preserved.

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