Strategies for Fulfilling Your eCommerce Orders

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Have you been facing challenges with your logistics as your eCommerce business continues to grow? Do you know what alternative options you have to fix your problems?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro interviews Jimmy Zona, the Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Turbie Twist, about how to decide on which logistics strategy to use for your growing eCommerce brand. They also discuss leveraging SEO to increase traffic and sales and the importance of being a constant learner. Stay tuned.

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Jimmy ZonaJimmy Zona is the Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Turbie Twist, a company that makes super absorbent microfiber hair towels with over 30 million sold to date. Jimmy is a seasoned business executive with over nine years of experience in operations management and content production across multiple sectors. Under his leadership, he’s grown Turbie Twist’s revenue to $1 million per year and increased their site traffic from 2,000 visits a month to over 70,000. Jimmy has been featured in the Inc. 500.

How to Maximize Your Expertise to Grow a New Brand

To build a successful eCommerce business, you need to have the desire to continuously learn and use the knowledge you gain to take advantage of new opportunities that come your way. There are a lot of online resources you can use to find the information you need.

Jimmy Zona decided to search online and found different tools for building a business. He was able to create Turbie Twist's first Shopify site on his own using the Shopify platform. All you need is some knowledge of technology. He also regularly tests things out to learn more about the company's customers, what they need, and what works. And if he doesn’t achieve the results he wants, he makes the necessary adjustments. 

Jimmy advises eCommerce business owners to experiment with their businesses. It is okay to put up new products for sale and see if customers will buy them. If they don't, then you may need to consider making some adjustments to find the right products to sell to them.

Should You Fulfill Your Own eCommerce Orders or Use a 3PL Company?

As your eCommerce business grows through an increased number of orders, you may be faced with logistical challenges. Your first location may become too small, requiring you to find a bigger space for storing your inventory. In such a case, you will need to decide on whether to start working with a third-party logistics (3PL) company or take care of your logistics in-house.

If you opt to work with a 3PL, you will be allowing the company to take care of your shipping. Most of them tend to have many warehouses throughout the US which take care of fulfilling eCommerce orders and storing products on behalf of their clients. Once orders are made, they also take care of shipping. 

An advantage of working with a 3PL is that shipping can be done faster because they have different locations and better means of transporting the products. They also tend to be cheaper because they’re working with many clients. However, if you want to keep your personal relationships with your customers, you may want to consider fulfillment in-house. This will also help you customize your customer’s orders and give you more control.

How to Leverage SEO to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

If you don't know how to make your eCommerce website SEO friendly, you should find experts to do it for you. According to Jimmy, this is one of the best investments you can make for your brand. If you decide to do your own optimization, the first thing you need to do is find the right keywords for your industry and own your market. 

Encouraging other people to refer or link back to your SEO-ready website will also help increase traffic and accelerate growth for the site. You should also ensure that you stay up to date with Google's changes to the algorithm, which may negatively impact your website and lead to loss of sales. 

Jimmy also advises that you use the right methods to increase your website's ranking on Google. Avoid quick fixes that could lead to adverse repercussions for your brand like using black hat strategies. Be authentic and honest, and equip yourself with a long-term view of your brand.

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