Should You Focus on Serving People or Growing Profits?

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What is the main focus of your e-commerce brand? Are you more concerned with making bigger profits as opposed to serving your community? How are you building connections with your customers?

Dr. Travis Zigler, the Founder and CEO of Eye Love, is Dean Dutro's guest in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, where he explains why you should shift your focus from making more money to serving your community. Dr. Zigler also explains how you can create and nurture quality connections with your customers through content sharing and how plowing back the profits from your e-commerce brand can help accelerate your growth.

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Dr. Travis ZiglerDr. Travis Zigler is the Founder and CEO of Eye Love, a company on a mission to end preventable blindness by providing affordable, high-quality eye products. Joining forces with his wife and Co-Founder, Dr. Jenna Zigler, the two are on a journey to heal one million dry eye sufferers naturally by the year 2030. 

Dr. Travis Zigler is an optometrist-turned-entrepreneur, shifting his career as the Owner and Optometrist of Eye Love Cares Clinic to Amazon PPC Coach with Profitable Pineapple. Particularly after Eye Love earned almost $4 million in sales in 2020, Dr. Zigler has been helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses online. Armed with Amazon advertising as one of his superpowers, Dr. Zigler and his team have helped hundreds of clients in different countries reach success.

Why Your e-Commerce Products Should Focus More on Serving People than Growing Profits

Most e-commerce business owners get into entrepreneurship to make profits and grow their brand. By incorporating different marketing strategies to maximize their sales volume, a lot of entrepreneurs hope to grow a loyal brand name while focusing on bigger profits. But once these entrepreneurs hit that financial goal, what’s next?

If you want to create a successful e-commerce business that will be fulfilling for you, your employees, your customers, and your community, you should place most of your emphasis on people over profits. Focus your efforts on how your e-commerce products serve and give back to people! 

According to Dr. Travis Zigler, when you focus on service instead of sales, that’s when things really start to take off. Dr. Zigler and his wife decided to prioritize serving their customer base and solving their problems with their products instead of keeping their eye on the bottom line exclusively—and they earned almost $4 million in sales in 2020. 

The Benefits of Plowing Back Profits Into Your e-Commerce Business

If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business, you may consider holding onto that full-time job while you begin. Why? Because this way, you can plow the profits you make from your new e-commerce business—and grow and scale faster.

Dr. Zigler and his business partner started an e-commerce business selling sunglasses while running a private practice as optometrists. They made enough money each month from the practice to sustain themselves, so they didn’t need to take any salary from their e-commerce business. 

Instead, they plowed back the profits they made from sales into the e-commerce brand, helping them grow and scale faster. They were able to work on increasing their inventory and expanding their business because they had the money to do so. They concentrated on building a sales channel for their business and their presence on Amazon while taking advantage of the offers Amazon provided at the time, like giving away their products for free to get reviews. 

How to Create and Nurture Quality Relationships with Your e-Commerce Customers

Dr. Travis Zigler and his wife and business partner, Dr. Jenna Zigler, have leveraged the power of sharing stories to create and nurture quality relationships with their customers. Their marketing strategies are so effective that their customers engage with them regularly and purchase their products even though they don't seem to be marketing what they’re selling.

The team at Eye Love creates and shares an article with their audience every Monday at 3 PM. They have regularly and consistently created content over time which has led to a large increase in their sales volume. They often share stories from their personal lives and avoid adding any call to action buttons or links, which helps them create and nurture authentic connections with their customers. And when they do include a call to action? They send the customers to Eye Love's Amazon store, where the conversion rates are higher. 

You can incorporate the same strategy into your e-commerce business by sharing content without a call to action. You could also leverage the power of SMS marketing and share only relevant information without any sales pitch. Share stories and details about your personal lives because your audience will open up to you—and this interaction creates quality connections and more sales down the road.

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