Should You Avoid Outsourcing When You First Start Your Business?

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Are you the go-to creative in your new e-commerce business? Are you thinking of hiring an agency or outsourcing some of your duties to someone else as soon as you get started? If this sounds like you, you might want to reconsider your decision.

Braxton Manley, the Co-Founder of Braxley Bands, is Dean Dutro's guest in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, where they discuss why you might want to rethink outsourcing when you start your e-commerce business. They also talk about starting and scaling an e-commerce brand with a $20 capital, the benefits of having a well-defined “why” for your brand, and the importance of having a well-balanced life.

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Braxton ManleyBraxton Manley is the Co-Founder of Braxley Bands, a lifestyle brand that makes the world’s most comfortable Apple Watch bands. Braxley Bands uses an innovative elastic material that Braxton and his dormmate invented for a class project. The business partners started with a $20 budget and a borrowed sewing machine before scaling the business to a top 1% performing Shopify store—without investments. Braxton holds a degree from the Texas Tech University - Rawls College of Business.

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource

According to Braxton Manley, if you want to have control over your e-commerce brand when starting out, you should avoid outsourcing some of your core duties to other people. Being the founder, you know very well what your mission is and how you want to position the brand in the market. However, if you start outsourcing at this stage, you risk losing focus on where your brand is going.

Although Braxton works with some agencies, he still maintains control over his company's creative aspects: like messaging and aesthetics. He prefers to keep these elements of the business in-house. He has also learned the importance of hiring the right people who share a vision for the brand.

Managing the core aspects of your e-commerce brand or working with an in-house team also helps reduce costs and expenses, which can add up very quickly for a new startup. 

Why Your e-Commerce Brand Should Have a Well-Defined “Why”

One of the most important factors of your brand is one of the most overlooked: a well-defined mission and values statement. These will help drive growth for your brand and ensure that you provide your customers with the right products.

For Braxton, his “why” for Braxley Bands is to provide more comfortable Apple Watch bands for his customers. With a “why” driving your brand forward, you’ll know exactly what kind of product you need to create and what your customer wants. 

Also, having a values-based e-commerce company helps attract and retain loyal customers who are more likely to come back and buy more of your products. 

Why You Should Have a Balanced Life

Being an entrepreneur can take a toll on your life. There is so much you have to do every day—but if you don't create a balanced life, you can burn out, fast. 

To ensure his life is balanced, Braxton does not work on weekends. He gets enough sleep every day and takes time off to relax. He does not start the day by going to work immediately, but rather opts to do mindful things like read or spend some time outside. But he didn’t just start doing this out of the blue—he’s identified what works best for him.

As an entrepreneur, you should also find your best time for working. This could be early in the morning, during the day, or late at night, like Braxton. You don't have to do what everybody else does. Listen to your own body and mind and work around that.

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