Scaling Up Without Losing Your Personal Touch

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Are you ready to start growing your business but could use a little insight on the logistics? How do you choose the right employees, or know when your business needs a bigger space to call home? Once you start getting larger orders, how do you keep your products feeling special?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz is joined by Annie Morhauser, Founder of Annieglass, to discuss how she grew her business without losing the personal touch that made her products special in the first place. She shares some of her strategies for picking employees and how to delegate work to sustain higher production levels. She also describes the physical journey that Annieglass took over the years and why having the right space can help streamline your success.

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Annie MorhauserAnnie Morhauser is the Founder, Owner, and Designer of Annieglass. For 38 years, she has been designing and manufacturing luxury glass with her own innovative style and method. She first began Annieglass in a small studio that she shared with another artist. Her business has grown over the years, and now her designs are found at high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s.

Building Your Brand and Selling Your Product

How do you begin building relationships with buyers when you’re first starting? Annie explains how she first started getting recognition by going to trade shows and making connections.

There are several differences between selling to wholesalers and selling to retailers, and balancing both can take some skill. But regardless of who you’re selling to, it’s important not to lose what makes your product special when deciding to up your production numbers.

When it comes to selling, something to consider when thinking about building your brand is the importance of brick and mortar retailers. If you’re selling a tangible product, there are certain advantages to selling your product in a physical store that can’t be replicated in an online environment.

Key Hires and How They Can Improve Your Business

Figuring out when you need to start hiring people for your evolving business can be tricky. There’s a point when doing everything on your own just isn’t sustainable if you want your business to grow.

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to start hiring employees, you’ll need a plan in place for how you intend to delegate your work. And, more importantly, how do you attract the right team? Annie worked diligently on crafting a job description that would appeal to the right person—and it did. 

Not only that, but how do you empower your employees in ways that will make your business thrive once you’ve hired them? Sometimes restructuring who’s in charge of different departments can make a big difference for communications.  

How to Grow Your Business

A successful business needs room to grow, but how do you know when it’s time to scale up? In this arena, Annie has her fair share of experience. After making big decision after decision surrounding the physical evolution of Annieglass, she eventually created an intelligent system to streamline production.  

Annie talks about the difficulties involved in figuring out branding that will work for different occasions, communities, and companies—and how it all affects your growth. How do you find sustainable packaging that can keep your products safe, evoke your brand, and make everyone happy?

When it comes to introducing a new line of products, a lot needs to happen before the launch. And, as Annie shares, it’ll play a huge role in determining your growth and eventual scaling.

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