Leveraging the 7 Touch Points of Marketing to Grow Your Brand

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Which marketing methods have you been using to promote and create more awareness for your ecommerce products? How often do you engage in these tactics? And, most importantly, are your strategies working?

Katie McKinnon, the President of Welo Probiotics, joins Dean Dutro in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast to talk about leveraging the 7 touch points of marketing to grow your ecommerce brand. Katie also discusses the benefits of email marketing, how appearing on Dragons' Den impacted her business, and the SKU challenges they have faced.

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Katie McKinnonKatie McKinnon is the President of Welo Probiotics, a healthy snack and beverage wellness company based out of Canada that donates a portion of its sales to communities abroad. Katie’s team motto is to test, learn, and optimize everything they do, which is embedded in their company culture of empowerment, curiosity, and to continuously question why. 

Katie was featured pitching on Dragons’ Den, a Canadian television series similar to Shark Tank. She has a background in sales and marketing, and is equipped with a passion for health and wellness.

The 7 Touch Points of Marketing and How They Can Grow Your Brand

Marketing is essential for the growth of any ecommerce brand. It helps create awareness for a product, drive traffic, and convert leads into customers. It also helps keep your brand fresh in your customer's minds.

However, using only one marketing method, or trying out a tactic just once, doesn’t always work — especially with ecommerce. You cannot rely on one marketing method to drive all of your sales. Instead, you should regularly use different marketing methods to help convert more leads into customers. And the best tactic to accomplish this is by leveraging the 7 marketing touch points.

Katie McKinnon uses a multi-layered marketing approach in her ecommerce business. She advises other business owners to leverage many similar strategies, including providing in-store support, conducting email marketing, taking part in trade shows and demos, utilizing influencer marketing, or running sponsored ads. 

The Challenges of Cross-Industry Invention

Innovating is fun and exciting. However, developing cross-category products and working to build good relationships with various stakeholders can be challenging. This strategy can help you learn more about different industries and product categories, but managing all of the different SKUs can be resource-draining. 

To be a profitable ecommerce business owner, you should focus on innovating and developing the products that are most profitable for your brand. Otherwise, you may end up stretching yourself and your brand too thin.

Concentrating on this strategy while innovating will help save your company's limited resources, especially if you’re a young ecommerce company just starting out. This will give you the opportunity to test the strategy long enough to determine whether it works for you.

The Value of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a valuable strategy for growing and scaling an ecommerce brand. Why? It’s an owned asset with the potential to multiply your sales volume and provide a big return on investment.

Email marketing is the one marketing strategy Katie wishes she had started using earlier in her ecommerce business. She knows that it’s a highly converting strategy that helps drive a lot of B2C sales for any type of ecommerce business. She now advises other brands to start growing an email list early and stay dedicated to their audience.

Unlike social media, email marketing helps brands with tracking and analyzing ROI. While tracking may sound tedious, it’s essential for analyzing your top-performing products and making the right decisions about your business. Email also acts as a great medium for communicating with customers about new and future products, teaching customers about how to use your products, and sharing company news.

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