Leveraging Customer Feedback to Grow Your Brand

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Did you know that customer feedback on your competitor's products can help you create better products for your target market? Did you also know that having a customer avatar can help you create better products?

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Eric Stopper interviews Catherine Balsam-Schwaber, the CEO of Kindra, about the benefits of leveraging customer feedback on existing products to grow your brand. She also talks about the importance of knowing who your target customer is and how educating them can help grow your ecommerce brand. Stay tuned.

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Catherine Balsam-SchwaberCatherine Balsam-Schwaber is the CEO of Kindra, a self-care company for women in menopause built through science-backed formulas and community-building initiatives. She is a lifelong advocate for women's health and comes with vast experience in business transformation and all things marketing. 

Catherine is also the Co-founder of Aluvión Vineyards and former General Manager of Bluprint. She holds a bachelor's degree from Brandeis University.


How Can You Leverage Consumer Feedback?

If you are looking to start an ecommerce business in a market category or industry dominated by products like yours, you need to do your research and find out whether those existing products meet the needs of your target audience. Learn whether those products solve their problem and if they are happy and satisfied with the experience.

If results show that there is a gap in the market that you can fill, take advantage of that information to create products that satisfy the needs of your target audience. Ensure that you create products that actually work, and that way you will build a successful ecommerce business that delivers positive results to its customers.

When Kindra was started, there were many existing products in the market that claimed to solve the problems menopausal women usually face. However, from research, Catherine Balsam-Schwaber and her team found that most of the products didn't work and many women had concerns about the side effects. To provide an alternative solution, they used the information they had gathered to create different types of products and cater to the needs of this target group.

The Benefits of Educating Your Customers When Selling to Them

When building an ecommerce business, you may need to educate your customers on the benefits of your products and how you can help solve the problems they are facing. This is especially important in cases where your consumers may not completely understand what they need and are looking for some guidance.

In a bid to solve the problems women face when going through menopause, the team at Kindra set out to educate women about this important stage of life. They honed their message based on what these women go through and helped connect them with other women going through the same challenges for support.

If you are building a similar type of ecommerce business, you need to research and learn more about your customer’s problems. From there, you can create solutions to meet their needs. Where possible, build a community of people going through the same challenges that they can relate to.

Why You Should Have a Customer Avatar for Your eCommerce Brand

There are many benefits to creating a customer avatar for an ecommerce business. It helps you discover your ideal customer and guides you in crafting the right marketing message. Putting together an avatar will also help you become more efficient in your marketing and create the best products to meet your customer’s needs.

When Kindra was started, the company knew who their target audience was: women going through menopause. They made the right products for this market and made sure to market the brand through targeted messages. They also found creative ways to reach out to this target market in a way that best related to them, while creating a supportive community at the same time.

So, it’s important that you find out who your target customer is and create a customer avatar for your brand. This will help improve the efficiency of your marketing, since you will talk to them in the language they understand best. Not only that, but an avatar will help solve the specific problems they have, and in the process, nurture good relationships with them.

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