Inspiring Women to Write Better Stories for Their Lives

Jenny Penton is a homeschooling mother of 8 in the Greater Omaha area. She also happens to be the owner of Planner Perfect, Designs By Planner Perfect, and Planner Perfect Meals. She is dedicated to inspiring women to follow their dreams and goals instead of being led and enslaved by their tasks. Jenny has created uniquely designed and curated planners featuring her personal artwork to keep women goal-oriented and organized.

Jenny Penton is passionate about the importance of women using their talents to serve the world. She has sold over 200,000 planners, notebooks, and journals, shipping to all 50 US states and numerous countries around the world.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll hear: 

  • What inspired Jenny to start making planners and how having a community of like-minded women helped in growing her businesses
  • Why Jenny is passionate about helping women use their talents to serve the world
  • Jenny explains how she handled the technical side of her business and how her persistence helped her grow
  • At what point should you share your goals with the world?
  • What Jenny is most proud of in her business and how she manages her career with 8 children
  • Why women should respect and take care of themselves
  • Jenny’s past mentors and who she looks up to 
  • The strategies Jenny wishes she knew earlier to build and grow her business faster
  • Jenny talks about the composition of her team and how she handles the recruitment and hiring process for her businesses
  • How Jenny’s businesses have benefited from using email marketing and leveraging email lists
  • The marketers and business owners Jenny respects in her industry and her advice to fellow women entrepreneurs 
  • How to get in touch with Jenny Penton

In this episode…

Many women, and especially those who are mothers, tend to focus on taking care of their families while neglecting their own needs and dreams. Often, they think that they have no talents to explore outside of their role as caretakers, leading women to live lives without any further growth.

This is part of the reason why Jenny Penton decided to start a business centered around helping women live better and more productive lives. She owns and manages three websites that help women plan better, become more organized, provide tastier and healthier meals to their families, and above all else, use their natural talents to serve the world.

In this episode, Dean Dutro interviews Jenny Penton, the owner of Designs by Planner Perfect, Planner Perfect, and Planner Perfect Meals, about running a successful 7-figure business with 8 children. Jenny talks about how she started her business painting planners by hand, how email marketing helped her business grow, and the importance of having a vibrant community of like-minded people. 

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