How to Use Quizzes and the "Ask Method" to Lower Your Lead Costs and 3x Your eCommerce Business

Ryan Levesque is the Inc 500 CEO of the Ask Method Company. He is also an entrepreneur and the number one national best selling author of the books Choose and Ask. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur on NBC News and Fox. Over 250,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to his email newsletter offering business advice. 

Ryan has built a highly profitable $10 million/year business across 23 different niche markets, building an email list of over 4.1 million people using the power of quiz funnels. He's also a co-founder and investor in, a leading quiz funnel software for entrepreneurs used by over 30 million people each year.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ryan Levesque explains what a quiz funnel is and why he uses it in his businesses
  • How SnackNation increased their conversion rate and tripled their revenue by using a quiz funnel
  • How a quiz funnel helped a couple generate over 1 million email subscribers and make over $1 million in less than a month
  • Why Ryan considers data as king
  • The common reasons why people refuse to use quiz funnels and the common mistakes people make when building them
  • The right technology and tools for creating quiz funnels and the difference between the front end and back end of a quiz funnel
  • When should a business start using a quiz funnel?
  • Best strategies for segmenting an email list using Facebook, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • The tools and software Ryan recommends for use in conjunction with and the CRM software tools he uses in his businesses
  • Ryan's advice on collecting phone numbers and email addresses on a website
  • Ryan talks about his upcoming free quiz funnel workshop

In this episode…

Most eCommerce businesses don't use quizzes as their primary acquisition channel. Why? Because they are overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into building one and their past experience with quiz funnels have not been successful.

But according to Ryan Levesque, quiz funnels are a great way of drawing people to your business, and the common mistakes that people make when they create and implement quiz funnels can be avoided. He advises businesses to ask themselves a couple of questions that can ultimately lead to successful quiz funnels such as, “are you using the right process to create your quiz?”, “are you using the right hook?”, and “are you asking the right strategic questions?”

Join Dean Dutro in this episode of the Relationship Commerce podcast as he interviews Ryan Levesque, founder of The ASK Method Company, about using quiz funnels in eCommerce businesses. Ryan explains how his method helped an eCommerce company reduce their cost per lead by over 50% while tripling their revenue to $24 million a year. He also shares his best strategies for personalizing email blasts, common mistakes businesses make when creating quiz funnels, and the various CRM software he uses in his businesses. Stay tuned.

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