How to Sell Your eCommerce Business for a 3-10x Multiple of Profit

Nate Lind

Nate Lind is a tech and internet eCommerce business broker with over nine years of product-based eCommerce experience. He has launched 23 supplement and eCommerce brands grossing over a million dollars each since 2011, with nine of those selling for over $10 million worldwide. One of those brands was the largest beard grooming brand in the world, Beard Czar, with over $35 million in sales. 

Nate is also a real estate investor and created the Ecom Legends Mastermind, a group dedicated to building world class eCommerce businesses. He also hosts the Buy-Sell Summit, the largest virtual event for buying or selling of online businesses. In addition, he is a broker for, the largest online business brokerage firm.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Nate Lind talks about his successes and failures as an entrepreneur and why being an entrepreneur can be lonely
  • The steps a business owner should take when he’s ready to sell his business
  • Why Nate became a broker and joined WebsiteClosers
  • What investors look at when evaluating a business to buy
  • Why eCommerce businesses without proper financial records pose a big challenge for Nate
  • What calculations are involved when evaluating a business to sell?
  • Nate shares his experience with different types of buyers, who he chooses to work with, and why these buyers like e-commerce businesses
  • How Nate helps first-time buyers with evaluating businesses and getting financing
  • How Nate calculates multipliers when selling a business and how the business’ financials should look like
  • Nate talks about how he felt after selling his business in 2016
  • Nate explains why he decided to start helping aspiring entrepreneurs to make smart business decisions

In this episode…

As more people get attracted to the business of buying and selling e-commerce businesses, there is a need for the sellers and buyers to be aware of what to look out for in order to get the best deal possible. 

Nate Lind is in the business of buying and selling online businesses and has been doing it for many years. In fact, he has helped many business owners plan, strategize and finalize the sale of their businesses in the most profitable way possible. 

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce podcast, Dean Dutro is joined by Nate Lind to talk about selling eCommerce businesses for profit. Nate explains what a seller should do to prepare for a good sale, what a buyer should look into before buying a business, calculations both parties should look into, and he also shares why he decided to start helping aspiring entrepreneurs make smarter business decisions. Stay tuned.

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