How to Maximize the Vending Machine on Your eCommerce Website

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Are you currently working with social media influencers to promote your ecommerce brand? What strategies do you use to find and choose the best influencers to work with? How are you measuring your efforts? Or, are you flying in the dark?

Brett Bernstein, the Founder & CEO of Gatsby, is Dean Dutro's guest in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast where he talks about Gatsby and how an ecommerce brand can maximize their website’s vending machine to capture more leads. Brett also talks about the value of using social media influencers to promote a brand.

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Brett BernsteinBrett Bernstein is the Founder & CEO at Gatsby, a SaaS platform for identifying and engaging your brand’s social customers at scale. Gatsby is an influencer marketing software that helps brands build fully automated influencer strategies. Brett has spent his career launching products and businesses that cut to the heart of the consumer and brand experience.

Where’s Your eCommerce Vending Machine?

If you have an ecommerce website, then you probably (or at least, should) have a vending machine on that website. The vending machine could appear as a pop-up that asks for any visitor’s email addresses in exchange for a discount code or free download. 

To leverage how people use Instagram to influence others, Brett Bernstein came up with Gatsby, a software that asks users to share their Instagram handles in exchange for certain rewards. Sounds kind of like asking for your user’s email addresses or phone numbers for email and SMS marketing, right?

This strategy will provide you with more accurate analytics on your customer because you get to learn more about them, their behavior, their needs, and how they shop. You can then use this information for more effective targeting to increase your ecommerce sales.

The Value of Influencer Marketing for Your eCommerce Business

There are many marketing strategies you can use for your ecommerce brand, like email, SMS, paid Google ads, and more. The point is to place your brand in front of your target audience, turn that audience into customers, and make sales — so you want to make sure you’re using a strategy that will reach the people you want. One of the best ways to ensure you’re reaching your target audience is influencer marketing.

What does influencer marketing mean? This strategy involves leveraging a person's following and engagement on sites like Facebook or Instagram to promote your brand's products. They help spread the word about certain products and often review them, explain how to use them for maximum benefits, and share details about where to find the products.

It’s easy to see how social media influencers are an integral part of growing an ecommerce business. You can leverage their influence to create more value for your brand and help promote it in front of more potential customers.

What to Consider When Finding Social Media Influencers to Work With

Although many ecommerce businesses have been using social media influencers to market their brand, finding the right influencer who is likely to produce better returns on investments can be challenging. 

According to Brett, as much as the number of people following an influencer's account is important, it’s essential to consider their engagement. Someone could have a big following on their account, but their engagement rate could be low. Meanwhile, someone with fewer followers might have a higher engagement rate. In such a case, your ecommerce brand is better off working with the influencer that has higher engagement.

However, this process may take time because of all the information that’s required. This is where Gatsby comes in handy. Gatsby helps simplify the search process and find influencers with high engagement rates. You can also use the software to implement different tiers by integrating Gatsby with Klaviyo to qualify for certain incentives to different influencers.

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