How to be a Creative e-Commerce Leader With Paul Barmes of Barmes Design and Andrew Skirde, VP of Marketing Operations

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Is your e-commerce product a show stopper? Can it attract people and sell itself? Does it stand out from other products in the market?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking exclusively from a business perspective. But, there’s a difference between a product that does well and a product that soars: creativity. 

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro is joined by Paul Barmes from Barmes Design and Andrew Skirde, VP of Marketing Operations, to talk about becoming an inventive and creative e-commerce leader. They also discuss the benefits of creating a show stopper product, how to work with influencers, and strategies for managing an e-commerce business during a pandemic.

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Paul BarmesPaul Barmes is the Founder of Barmes Design, a New Zealand-born and globally raised lifestyle brand committed to improving the way people live, work, and move. Their flagship product, an innovative luggage seat, entered the market in 2019. The company's luggage has been featured in Jetsetter, The Daily Herald, ABC News, MarketWatch, and more. 


Andrew SkirdeAndrew Skirde is VP of Marketing Operations for Barmes Design. With the work of Paul and Andrew, Barmes is much more than a luggage piece and offers a unique combination of mobile office, personal storage, and carry-on case. Your most important pieces are safe and secure with the ability to separate and organize business, as well as personal and travel items, all with quick and easy access.



To Be a Successful e-Commerce Leader, You Have to be Inventive and Creative

As a business leader, you have to find ways to create an authentic e-commerce brand with good values. If you own or manage a brand that is based on people and their lifestyles, then you want to be a leader that stands out from similar brands. How can you do this? You have to tell your story and get in front of your audience—all in the way that you want them to perceive your brand.

When Barmes Design was founded, Paul Barmes’ goal was to be a leader in his industry and not a follower. He knew that he had to be creative, innovative, and come up with unique luggage pieces that people actually need. 

As an e-commerce business owner, you also have to create an authentic brand that meets the needs of your target customers. The world has experienced a lot of changes in 2020, and leaders have been forced to adapt and find better ways of running their businesses. To successfully shift, you have to be creative and innovative to become the leader in your industry that drives sales and grows your brand.

Benefits of Creating a Show Stopper Product

The market in every country is flooded with different types of products from different industries meant to serve different purposes. As an e-commerce innovator and seller, you have to come up with show-stopping product designs that will draw people to your products, compel them to learn more, and eventually buy.

At an event, Paul sat next to the director of the New Zealand Open, and out of curiosity, the director wanted to learn more about Paul's luggage case. This later led to a sports sponsorship for Barmes Design and led to increased sales as famous sports and business people started using Paul's product. The show stopper luggage has also been a hit because of its unique design, the inclusion of compartments, and how easily it allows you to stay organized while traveling.

Why else do you want to focus on creating a show stopper product? Simple: so that it can sell itself whenever it’s seen in public. This will not only attract people to your product and lead to increased sales, but it could also pave the way to new business partnerships.

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your e-Commerce Brand

Influencer marketing is a good strategy for increasing your brand and product awareness. This method requires that you identify and work with influencers who resonate with your brand, who in turn help advocate for your products to their own audiences.

There are two main ways of getting influencers to work with. First, you can go out to look for them, identify, and get in touch with the people who would be a good fit for your brand based on their niche and the kind of content they share with their audiences.

However, some influencers may approach you and offer to partner and work with your brand because of what you have to sell. If they feel that your products resonate with them, they may be ready to help promote and market your products.

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