How Outsourcing Boosts Your e-Commerce Management

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Do you know your strengths and weaknesses as a business leader? Do you find it difficult to recruit, delegate, or terminate the contracts of your employees? 

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro is joined by Chad Ross, the Founder & CEO of Dorsal Bracelets, to discuss the benefits of outsourcing and how it can help you manage your business better. They also talk about using social media to learn more about e-commerce and the benefits of having an online presence on Amazon.

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Chad RossChad Ross is the Founder & CEO of Dorsal Bracelets, a lifestyle accessory brand built on the love for the ocean and a never-ending pursuit to preserve the planet. 

Before starting Dorsal Bracelets, Chad was the Founder and CEO of Chuck Waters, a coastal-inspired lifestyle brand. He also worked as the Associate Director of Marketing at Ad Genius. Chad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Biological Sciences from the College of Charleston.

How Outsourcing Can Help in Managing Your e-Commerce Brand

As a good business owner or manager, you should be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Why? Because then you’ll know what you’re good at and what you should delegate. If you hate recruiting and hiring, you need to find the right person to take that task from you and do it perfectly. This means that you need to conduct a thorough evaluation of what you’re good at—and what’s not in your skillset. 

Additionally, if you’re still a startup and want to remain nimble, a good solution is to engage the services of an agency to take over a given responsibility. This could be an email marketing agency, an advertising agency, or a freelancer who could help with tasks related to marketing, accounting, recruitment, or even payroll. 

Outsourcing makes it easier to let go of an agency or freelancer who fails to meet the expectations set forth during contracting. This is different from letting go of a permanent employee, which could have negative effects on your company and impact your relationship with other employees.

How YouTube Can Help You Learn More About e-Commerce

When Chad Ross was growing his young business, he didn’t know much about building a business through e-commerce. He didn’t have friends in the e-commerce space and had no idea how to use Shopify to grow a business. So, Chad turned to YouTube to learn as much he could about e-commerce. He also read articles from online resources like Reddit, and soon, he was able to build his e-commerce website.

If you are also getting started with e-commerce for your business, there are many reliable online resources you can leverage to learn more. One strategy is listening to a podcast like the Relationship Commerce Podcast and finding past episodes that talk about what you want to learn. 

You could also go to YouTube and find relevant videos or interviews that explain the different aspects of building your business, like how you can start and how to grow and scale a business through e-commerce. You could also find articles and guides on reliable blogs and websites that explain how e-commerce works, like the Shopify blog. 

How to Grow Your e-Commerce Business Through Social Media Marketing—With Limited Resources

Chad started his business with $270. His plan was to prove the validity of his concept, which he was able to do with a handful of his products: bracelets. He found a manufacturer and leveraged the power of social media marketing to organically grow his audience. 

At the time of starting his company, Chad wasn’t familiar with Facebook Ads, so he chose to use Instagram to grow his audience organically—even before launching his product. When he later learned about using paid Ads, this led to big growth for the brand.

Another efficient strategy you can use to grow your e-commerce business is email marketing. Ensure that you have your marketing campaigns and funnels set up properly to create an engaging experience with your customers. And if email isn’t your strong suit? Engage the services of an email marketing agency.

The Benefits of Having an Online Presence on Amazon

Although there are many e-commerce sellers who market and sell their products on the Amazon marketplace, there are also many who avoid the channel because of the limitations it poses for sellers. Not only that, but Amazon doesn’t allow you access to your customer’s emails, so it’s difficult to develop strong relationships with your market.  

Even taking all of that into account, it’s still important for e-commerce brands to have a presence on Amazon. Many people trust Amazon and prefer to buy through the platform instead of purchasing elsewhere. And if you decide not to sell on the platform, a third party could create an Amazon account and start reselling your e-commerce products—without your authorization. However, if you have a presence on Amazon and show that you are the owner of the brand, you will be protecting yourself from third-party resellers.

Once you’re on the platform, it’s essential to share your brand's story on Amazon so that your customers get to learn about your company. It will help create a connection with them, drive them to research more, and visit your website. Also, if customers fail to find the product they want, they are more likely to visit your website to buy directly from you because they have experience purchasing from you.

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