How Amazon Merchants Can Scale Faster with Access to Quick Capital

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Do you need capital to start or finance your e-commerce brand? Have you run out of money to get more inventory for your growing business? Would you take up a loan that didn't require interest and monthly repayments? If you’re nodding your head, then AccrueMe is your solution.

In this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast, Dean Dutro is joined by Don Henig and Robby Stanley from AccrueMe to talk about their company's unique lending approach for Amazon sellers. They explain how their non-interest-bearing money works, how they decide on which e-commerce sellers to invest in, and how their clients were impacted by COVID-19.

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Don HenigDon Henig is a Co-Founder of AccrueMe, a unique fintech company focused on Amazon Sellers. AccrueMe provides unique growth capital to Amazon sellers with no interest and no required payments. Don's primary career focus was initially in the mortgage and real estate industries. He is a former President of American Home Mortgage, has experience in building and selling his own mortgage banking entity, and has grown a regional mortgage banker into a national platform in short order. Throughout his career, he’s been responsible for over $150 billion in mortgage financing.

Robby StanleyRobby Stanley is the Chief Marketing Officer at AccrueMe. He ran his own e-commerce business for 20 years, mainly in the electronic parts business, and became the biggest supplier of iPhone parts in the United States for a time. He is a former founder of two successful 7+ figure e-commerce brands and has won awards for his unique approach to marketing. He is also a sought-after speaker on YouTube video marketing techniques.

How to Access Quick Capital for Your e-Commerce Brand

One of the biggest challenges many entrepreneurs face is getting capital for their startups. You may be in a similar position and have the best business idea but if you don't have the required monetary resources, then your idea will only remain a dream. 

Similarly, if your e-commerce business has been steadily growing but you run short of cash, you will be limited in what you can do—and failure to get financing can kill your business. AccrueMe works with Amazon sellers to provide them with the capital they need to get inventory for their businesses. How? They provide a flexible payment method where the sellers are not required to pay any interest on their loans.

This unique way of raising capital can allow you to quickly scale your business without having to worry about huge interest rates and principal payments. You also get a chance to repay the capital loaned to you over a longer period of time compared to the terms you would get from a commercial bank.

Why You Should Start Your e-Commerce Business Now

Starting a new business can be intimidating. You may have been contemplating going into entrepreneurship for a while but every time you want to pull the trigger, something holds you up. 

However, the best decision you can make is to just start. Don't sit down and wait for the perfect time or for the best opportunity to come along before making a move. You won’t get anywhere—or win—by analyzing decisions too much.

Don Henig's advice is simple but effective: “start stupid!” You don't need all the information to get started. Simply go in without fear and make adjustments as you go along. As you start growing, you will find the best systems and processes to put in place for your business.

How Non-interest Capital Can Help Your e-Commerce Business

To be a successful business leader means being able to quickly adapt to changes in the environment that could adversely affect your business. The current pandemic has had both positive and negative impacts on all kinds of businesses. The businesses that deal with essential goods have been thriving while those that deal with non-essential goods have mostly seen a decrease in sales. 

Getting financing during such a time can help your e-commerce business get back on track. However, most sources of capital charge a lot of interest on loans granted and late payments attract large penalties. This makes it hard for most e-commerce sellers to get money to keep their businesses afloat.

Enter AccrueMe. Getting assistance from a company like AccrueMe could help save your business. AccrueMe doesn’t charge interest on capital granted and they’ll give you the option to pay back your loan when you’re actually able to. This way, you can concentrate on growing your business.

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