How a Pet Supply Company Grew from 10k Per Month to Over 200k Per Month with 40% of the Growth Coming from E-mail

Dean Dutro is the Co-founder of Worth eCommerce, a company that helps businesses of all sizes dramatically grow their revenue by at least 30% with lifecycle email marketing. Dean is an eCommerce email marketing expert and one of Klaviyo's top partners. He is also the Founder of Email Growth Training and he is also the host of the Relationship Commerce podcast.

Dean holds a Degree in Communication Studies from California State University-Long Beach.


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Dean Dutro talks about how a pet supply store found him and asked for help with their email marketing
  • How businesses can avoid tarnishing their brands through bad email practices
  • How Dean helped the pet supply store owner grow his business, his email list, and his sales
  • How changes in Google's SEO and Facebook Ad algorithms can affect a business' sales
  • Big mistakes people often make when writing emails
  • Dean talks about the importance of email capture on a website and other types of  email software Dean recommends

In this episode…

Many people assume that email marketing is a piece of cake. All it takes is to write an email copy, send it out, and their sales will go up. But from experience, Dean Dutro knows that one email doesn't cut it. Automation is key and personalization comes in very handy. In addition, many people ignore the pre-header part of an email and tend to write very long emails which most people don't like to read.  

So how can e-commerce businesses leverage their email marketing practices to increase engagement and drive sales?

Join Dean Dutro in this episode of the Relationship Commerce podcast as he gets interviewed in his own show by Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 Media. Tune in as Dean shares how he helped a pet supply store business grow from $10k per month to over $200k by leveraging email marketing, and learn about the common mistakes people make when writing and sending emails, and the software tools he recommends for email marketing.

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This episode is sponsored by Worth eCommerce.

Worth eCommerce is a small mighty team of eCommerce email marketers who help businesses of all sizes dramatically grow revenue with lifecycle email marketing. It is made up of copywriters, designers, strategizers, and marketing extraordinaire who specialize in nurturing relationships and guiding sales through the sheer power of email.

Worth eCommerce's sole focus is creating a lasting relationship between eCommerce sellers and their customers through the most personable form of digital connection: email. Businesses that send personable, interesting and helpful emails earn the trust and continued business from that same customer. 

Worth eCommerce’s mission is to help small medium-sized e-commerce businesses generate more than a million dollars a year each in revenue using their own marketing channels.

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