Email Retargeting Strategies for Your e-Commerce Business

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Do you have an email list for your e-commerce brand? Have you faced any challenges growing it organically? If you’ve already built a robust email list, what specific strategies do you use to drive traffic and increase sales for your brand?

Adam Robinson, the Founder and CEO of GetEmails, is Dean Dutro's guest in this episode of the Relationship Commerce Podcast. Adam talks about the importance of growing your e-commerce brand's email list, shares his best strategies for email retargeting, and explains how he handles objections to email marketing. He also talks about building his email-based retargeting software and how The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) legislations affect the use of personal data.

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Adam RobinsonAdam Robinson is the Founder and CEO of GetEmails, the world's first-ever email-based retargeting software. He is also the Co-Founder and President of Robly Email Marketing, an email marketing service provider with headquarters in New York City and San Francisco.

Adam is the #1 bestselling author of Permission (Sh)marketing and holds a degree in Economics from Rice University.

Why Email Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Permission-Based

Would it be legal for you to collect email addresses from third-party companies and use them to send marketing emails and increase sales for your e-commerce business? Would that mean you’re invading people’s personal space? Can any action be taken against you?

One of the obstacles you may face as you work on building your email list and marketing your e-commerce products is complicated: dealing with customer's personal data. Many e-commerce businesses in the US believe that it is illegal to send marketing emails to email addresses that you don't have opt-ins for. But, this is not entirely the case—what’s illegal is sending emails to people who have opted out of your marketing campaigns. 

So, if you want to increase traffic to your e-commerce website and grow sales, you should leverage the power of email marketing. Use artificial intelligence to analyze engagement on your emails and your website. And if you get low engagement from some email addresses, it’s as simple as dropping them from your email list.

The Right Way to Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best strategies you can use to grow your e-commerce brand. Why? It’s an owned asset that can give you a tremendous return on investment and help scale your business—if well leveraged. And to successfully implement your email tactics, you need to know the best strategies.

According to Adam Robinson, the first thing you should do after a new email signup is simple: send an email. At this point, the content you put in the email isn’t all that important. What is important? Emailing your new contacts right away, because the open rates will be very high and the complaint rates will be very low.

But, if your new contacts don't open the first 3 emails you send them, it’s time to give them the chop. In the e-commerce space, the likelihood of these types of contacts buying from you will be very low. Instead of dragging down your open and click rates, it’s best to remove them from your list entirely and focus on those users who are engaging with you. Plus, it’s those first emails that will convert into sales the best.

Why You Shouldn't Doubt Yourself as An Entrepreneur

Starting any kind of company is not easy, whether you intend to sell through retail or e-commerce. The first business you get off the ground will teach you a lot about running a company and give you the experience needed for starting and growing other companies.

When Adam Robinson started his first company, Robly Email Marketing, he felt that he had an unfair advantage over other players in the field. But after some time the company seemed to stop growing—and he started doubting himself as an entrepreneur. 

This isn’t uncommon, but it bears saying: the first business you start may take a long time to start making profits and break even. It may take you a long time to start getting recurring revenue and in the process, you may incur a lot of costs to get your e-commerce product ready for the market.

Although you may spend much more than you thought you would, the best thing to do is to keep going and never give up. Challenges are unavoidable in entrepreneurship—but the results are worth it.

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