Building a Fashion Business While Working Full-Time with Hannah Fastov, Founder and CEO of Go Dash Dot

Hannah FastovHannah Fastov is the Founder and CEO of Go Dash Dot, a company focused on women’s empowerment, independence, and multi-faceted bags. She started her company almost four years ago, after realizing that adulting requires a lot of stuff. Her pursuit of the perfect bag that could hold her gym clothes, extra shoes, phone, wallet, laptop—well, you get it— while looking professional and fashionable didn't exist. 

Using her newly acquired skills from Brooks Brothers and rag & bone, Hannah set off on her journey to design and manufacture that perfect bag, and that's when Go Dash Dot was born. After just four years, Go Dash Dot, retails in over 50 locations nationwide, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and most recently in Japan.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How the idea for Go Dash Dot was born and how Hannah started the company
  • The survey Hannah conducted and how she found a designer on Upwork
  • How Hannah prepared for the launch of her products, how she promoted them on a trade show, and the biggest turning points for the company
  • Why Hannah decided to start selling directly to consumers instead of going wholesale
  • The tools and strategies Go Dash Dot uses to acquire customers and connect for user content
  • Hannah talks about the team at Go Dash Dot and how they handle customer service
  • The email marketing software Hannah uses for her company (and why she loves it!)
  • Go Dash Dot's Renew program and how the company has been helping healthcare workers
  • The one strategy Hannah wishes she had used in her business earlier and what she currently wishes to try
  • The marketers and business people in Hannah's industry that she looks up to
  • Action steps you should take right now if you’re looking to start your own business
  • Where to learn more and get in touch with Hannah Fastov

In this episode…

Starting your own business while working full-time can be challenging, as Hannah Fastov found out when she started her women's fashion business. Her desire to have a fashionable bag that could carry her full day’s worth of supplies as she moved from one place to another led to the birth of Go Dash Dot. But, when she needed time off to present her products at a trade show, her boss said no. She ended up having to ask for help from her mother.

From experience, Hannah learned the benefits of knowing what she wanted to get her to the next level and working on it in phases. She made sure to do her research before making any major decisions, which helped her grow her business before leaving her full-time job. 

In this week's episode of Relationship Commerce, Dean Dutro is joined by Hannah Fastov, the Founder and CEO of Go Dash Dot, who talks about starting and growing her fashion business while working a full-time job. Hannah also talks about the challenges she faced when starting out, her biggest turning points, the tools she uses to grow her business, and the company's Renew program.

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